Our main inspiration is "A Year in Pixels" where we would colour a square every day that would reflect our mood. We wanted to create a bigger version of this using scenes generated by Google Cloud Natural Language API and save those scenes like a diary. It is cool to be able to look over a year online, knowing it will be saved forever and that we can relieve moments in our lives, days months and years after the date. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, so can we assume a 3D scene is worth a million words? Plus, having a visual way to express our thoughts and ideas cater to the many people who are visual learners.

3-Diary allows you to create entries in your 3-D diary and it will generate a scene based on your mood. These are saved in the diary and you can go back to any day and remember how you felt on that day from the saved scene.

We built this project using Unity and Google-Cloud API, as well as coding in Java on Eclipse and C#.

While making this project, we started without knowing much about how to use APIs or Unity. Therefore a good amount of the time we had to spend learning about the API and getting used to Unity commands. Even after we learned the basics of using the API, the time we had while trying to complete our own tasks would often get cut because one person would need someone else's part to continue their tasks. In the end, we still managed to complete the project on time.

With a lot of help, we successfully learned how to use an API and Unity and combine them. And over the 36 hours, we learned to work efficiently as a team.

We hope to expand 3-Diary and make it work in VR, making the scenes more advanced to make the experience of reliving a certain day as realistic as it can be, being able to interact with the scenery by triggering events and adding our own artistic inputs through something like a VR paint.

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