We draw our inspiration from 3 different sources: 1) Even though electric transport vehicles exist, the low amount of them in this world means we need to increase the ways we travel green. Carpooling or ridesharing has been one such alternative, however ridesharing for the most part is still done on gas-guzzling cars. 2) Motorbikes aren't the only light transportation vehicle out there, motorboats and motorgliders are also out there. We're not just about getting you from Point A to B, we're more about the thrill of the ride, providing you with an unforgettable journey, and helping you travel in unconventionally idiosyncratic methods. 3) The Three Comma Club from Silicon Valley

What it does

Ridesharing, taken to the next level - to the 3 Comma Club, the realm where the unicorns and narwhals thrive... Well at least that's the dream. 3CommaRydes is a plan to empower light and alternative modes of transportation through ridesharing anywhere there's a high density of motorbiking, motorboating, and/or motorgliding.

How we built it

Alec Brunelle, Newton Jain, and myself built this with the above technologies.

Challenges we ran into

We especially had trouble integrating with Yelp but we figured that out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All three of us were recipients of the BMW "Ride More" Sponsor Prize at MLH's Hack the Planet last month.

What we learned

We learned how to integrate all those APIs into one cohesive application.

What's next for 3 Comma Rydes

We'll be starting out / focusing on the motorbiking feature first and then slowly expand to motorboating and motorgliding after 1 year or so at least.

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