The team

Our team consists of Misha Larionov, Nicholas Carr, and Jonathan Xu. We are all grade 10 students from Richmond Hill High School in Richmond Hill, Ontario. MHacks 9 is Nicholas' 4th, Misha's 5th, and Jonathan's first hackathon.

What it does

After setting a goal (cash or Amazon item), you'll be able to input your daily disposable income. The app will then automatically keep track of how long it will take to save for your goal and remind you of how much longer it will take when you make other purchases. You can also manually add purchases that you did not make on Amazon.

How we built it

We built it as a Chrome extension while heavily relying on JQuery to select page elements from the Amazon website.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time injecting elements into the Amazon page that would block the checkout button. It also took a while to figure out how to efficiently store and retrieve data about goals and disposable income.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

No one on our team has ever made a Chrome extension before this, so we're all proud of being able to go from zero experience to a fully-functioning product in just 36 hours.

What we learned

  • Chrome extension development
  • JQuery

What's next for 3-click ordering

  • More comprehensive budgeting, so the user doesn't have to manually input disposable income
  • Have the app text your mom/dad/significant other when you make a purchase to shame you into not buying useless items
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