Feedback is one of the key moving forces for changes. There is no modern direct channel for feedback between the citizens and municipal authorities and we're aiming to create one. There are no ways to track subjective feelings of the citizens and we are aiming to create one.

What it does

The app creates personalised heat map of subjective feelings at different places in the city.

How we built it

Native Android app written in Kotlin, backend in Go and Firebase hosted on Cloud Run, Micro:bit is used for hardware extension for the MVP sake, frontend using SvelteJS and here maps tiles.

Challenges we ran into

Had some occasional connectivity issues between the hardware and the smartphone.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very focused and managed to make everything work in a very narrow timeframe.

What we learned

Learned to work with FireStore.

What's next for [3, 5, 7] Gangozero

Produce release candidate, obtain initial audience. If the idea works per se:

  • Context-based social polls — e.g. “We see you walk a lot with a dog in this area, we are renovating a park in a few blocks and want to dedicate a special zone for dogs entertainment — what do you think of it?”
  • Integration with public transportation feedback. Do you feel crowded in this particular tram at this point of time? Was the waiting time OK? — Please tell us via the app.
  • Special profile for municipal workers whose job is to detect and report disorders as a part of their duty.

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