Solve the relationships of alien golfers.

What it does

aliens add golfers as friends , adding authenticantion for aliens meeting golfers. fight pandemic meet golfers on video call with twilio

How we built it

This project is built with, ReactJS, nodejs, wordpress, twilio built the app to handle list of golfers an provide aliens a Data Layer connection and to navigate communication between golfers and aliens.

Users Registers and Verifications by TypingDNA is done by calling Firebase API and TypingDNA API .

1) Golfers Table: This table stores information's candidate golfers.

2.) Aliens Table: This table stores data about Alien users.

Challenges we ran into

Learning curve of TypingDna and learning and wordpress Data Layer

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Video call

What we learned

What's next for 2ndpin

Built With

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