Harmonograph + heart rate sensor

What it does

How I built it

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posted an update

physicskid [12:56 AM] joined #adventure-chronicles2

physicskid [12:56 AM] set the channel purpose: Chronicling adventures

physicskid [12:56 AM] tis the night before the grand adventure

[12:56] everyone sleeps soundly

[12:56] except for me

mccastro [12:57 AM] joined #adventure-chronicles2 by invitation from @physicskid, along with @ben, @chialiu

ben [9:17 AM] The team prepares for their journey, with bagels and coffee in hand

sambish [9:17 AM] joined #adventure-chronicles2 by invitation from @physicskid

ben [9:18 AM] Justin may or may not actually be on the team, but this won’t stop 2MakE

[9:21] The team severs their connections to the outside world; muting all Spammy conversations. Nothing will distract them now.

[9:23] Spotify and Bose empower 2MakE to find peace in a region of chaos

physicskid [9:23 AM] With different music playing from multiple sources, the team is invigorated

sambish [9:26 AM] Not even saboteurs can deter us from our mission!

sambish [10:39 AM] The valiant team members raid the materials, adding to their personal hordes

physicskid [10:51 AM] supplies are scarce; some necessary components are missing

[10:51] Justin despairs

sambish [10:58 AM] Sam enters her credit card information for Microsoft Azure verification

[10:58] Taking one for the team!

[10:59] 10:59 AM: Justin requests strippers

[10:59] Rest of team agrees

sambish [11:16 AM] Justin ponders deeply

sambish [11:43 AM] Sam flails arms in an attempt to test Microsoft Band

[11:46] Ben cannot access some of the Band's sensors

[11:46] Ben and Sam despair

[11:51] The team has attained a LARGE Band

[11:51] The team has SMALL wrists

[11:51] RIP, 2makE, RIP

chialiu [12:09 PM] password: 2estrikes

[12:12] name: 2MakE(edited)


physicskid [1:39 PM] Justin finds his project obsolete

[1:39] time to find a new project

sambish [2:01 PM] Justin is puzzled as to why his LED isn't fading!

[2:01] Justin realizes he wired completely wrong

[2:02] Justin is still puzzled

ben [2:12 PM] Ben gets very excited about a derpy message

mccastro [2:28 PM] Manuel is still leveling up his CAD skills

mccastro [5:10 PM] The brains of the brilliant Sam and Ben have been fried. They must recover from their troubles.

sambish [5:11 PM] alas, the warriors have realized that arduino sucks

mccastro [5:11 PM] Lucia is close to mastering her squatting skills.

sambish [5:12 PM] Lucia is a true sorority girl #sororitysquat

mccastro [5:12 PM] *anime sorority girl

sambish [5:13 PM] Lucia: "notice me senpai"

[5:13] the plot thickens

[5:13] Lucia loses a part

[5:14] Ben rejects Manuel's come-ons

[5:15] "I am not ready" says Ben


sambish [7:25 PM] Benolds hacks

[7:26] The team realizes none of them understand arduino

physicskid [7:45 PM] Justin is sad after wasting two hours soldering

[7:45] morale is low

sambish [7:47 PM] Benolds makes stepper motor pun

[7:47] Sam despairs

sambish [8:35 PM] Sam gains great insight from:

ben [8:44 PM] Sam finds delight in the Small Microsoft Band

ben [10:00 PM] After hours of struggling against the forces of friction, solder, serial reads, and stepper motors: The heartonograph is born unto this world.(edited)

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