2 Kids- the place where children cloths become sustainable The world today is struggling with climate challenges that are brought by unsustainable life style. The temperature is rising by 1.5C and still increasing. This brings the problems with raising the see level which is flooding the coastal cities. One of the major contributor is the fashion industry that release not only toxic chemicals and large amounts of primary resources but also pollute the see with microfibres. What more less then 2% of the cloths world wide is being recycled. It is the time for change. Our platform 2kids is targeting parents witch children between the age 2-14 years to show them what they can do to support sustainable change. The platform contains major two parts, the firs is educative and the second deliver a sustainable solution in a form of exchange platform. Education need to take place from Childe garden throw-out schools and will be done to educate parents in the same time. There are planed educations programs consisting of games for children, educational material for teachers and info materials for parents. We will work with schools and other educational institutions to make it all possible. Every action is useless if there is a missing tool that the parents can use. That is why we propose an exchange platform as well. You can think that there is enough second hand shops but the problem is they are not efficient and transparent enough. The parents even do not receive what they order and by selling it you will receive just a little money because there are large fees. That is why are we coming with a new approach where parents will exchange packages from us consisting of all the cloths for a given season. They can choose from different styles and the packages will be gather to consists of all what the kid needs for the season. How does it works: in easy words the parents ship us cloths that he/she does not need for his/her children and order a new on. Of course it is not as easy as it sounds but we have thought of everything. The base are the roles you cannot order anything until you support the system first by sending what your boy or girl does not need anymore, then you can choose a package that you like and we ship it to you. There are always small charges connected with it to make the whole system sustainable so we can ensure cleaning and the product and their preparation for parents satisfaction. The service can be easily spread to other markets as well to support the cultural exchange too. The goal is to support quality cloths that will be maximally utilised in order not to have waste. Help us to stop unsustainable wasting of cloths Support 2Kids Looking forward to present it to you Ion Chirila and Flaviu M

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