Many people were sent to work remotely all of a sudden during the Covid-19 outbreak. The new situation is full of technical challenges and people find themselves lonely and in isolation. We wanted to create a program that makes them feel connected, engaged again and bring teams closer together.

Research behind it

Before the Hackathon we spend some time researching about this issue. We spoke with people from different companies as well as HR people that told us current problems they are facing and current needs.

What it does

Lonely, isolated, not connected - these are some of the feelings many employees have during the COVID-19 crisis. They are not able to share an office and therefore personal encounters, we still make it happen to share fun, inspiration and common experiences. We offer a platform that brings people closer together through challenges. The team leader or HR can create challenges themselves or pick from a preset of challenges that are clustered into different types, taking also the group dynamic into consideration. This app reaches out to every employee, is easy to use and makes team culture visible. Every challenge will create a collection of pictures or videos that can be shared also with other teams. Nice memories are created and can at the same time build a source for fun, inspiration and knowledge.

How I built it

After Ideation and brainstorming phase we started conception and building the backend and UI design.

Challenges I ran into

How to build it so it does not separate a team or exclude the less tec-savvy employees. How to serve needs of teams in different group phases.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working together with a team of people that did not know each other before and coming up with such a great idea and concept after brainstorming together.

What's next for 2joyn

Would love to continue this project as we strongly believe this is something that can bring value to employees!

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