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The effects of climate change are always present and get worse every day. In addition to that, we are running heads-first into an energy cricis, which could lead to problems of unimaginable dimension.

These problems can only be solved if we start working together to find solutions. We are trying to find ways to make it easier to work together in funding renewable energy sources.

What it does

2gether.greeen is a platform for communities who want to become an active part of the fight against the climate and energy crisis. We help those people to connect and make the process from finding the perfect location to raising funds much easier for them.

To make that possible, we run a web-service where people can start a renewable-energy project (e.g. building a Wind-Turbine or a solar field), which is then evaluated by a project developer who is an expert in this space. Once the project is approved by the developer, we provide the user with a suggested funding plan, provided by our sponsor Interhyp. In the final stage, the user can start to crowdsource the required funds from their local community, all using our platform.

How we built it

Due to reliability concerns, the Server is completely built using Rust. It is deployed in a Docker container which our CI produces automagically and runs on a server powered 100% by renewable energy. The client is a web-frontend built with react and TypeScript. We use the Interhyp API, to provide our users with actual funding information.

Challenges we ran into

None of us is a web-designer, so we had lots of difficulties getting the web app to look professional. Also, the Interhyp API is not trivial to use, and it took some time until we figured out how to work with it. Moreover, Charts.js gave lots of headaches to Thomas. Besides technical challenges, this was also the first hackathon for most of us, and it was really challenging to come up with a proper idea in the first place. Furthermore, it was a great mental and physical challenge to work without sleeping thirty hours straight :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud, that our web app does not look like total crap (which it did for a long time). Also, we are happy, that we have produced something actually functional in the end.

What we learned

CSS is our enemy. Working straight for 30h is hard, but possible with a nice team to keep each other awake and have lots of fun :) Planning everything ahead of development, makes things easier later on. And finally: Finding a challenge to work on is somewhat of at challenge already...

What's next for 2getherGreen

We need to implement more features, which we didn't find time for during the HackaTUM. One of that is proper user management.

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