I wanted to create a web app using which people can manage their tasks , learnings, scheduled activities based on date and time, event, topic etc.

What it does

It saves the multi tasks that you create forever and update the status as you complete it.

How we built it

Its created in MERN stack.

Challenges we ran into

challenges I ran into was to handling multitasks on frontend as well as backend , since its dynamically creating models for events or topics and mage tasks according to them, so I take much time and put much efforts in making my model better and came up with a successful working model.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of creating a web app providing features similar to what a real time application such as trello provides. It can also help people working in a team managing their tasks for different projects during events such as hackathons, meetings etc.

What we learned

I learned many things in backend by this project such as nodejs api requests and mongodb operations.

What's next for 2DoThem

I will expand it so that people can get remainders for pending tasks by sms or email, they can partially track each task and can also assign priorities to tasks etc.

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