Our team started with a goal to tackle poverty for the less fortunate section of our society but like everybody else, we ignored the most struggling section of our society. People who have paid for their mistakes and are now ready to get back to the world. They struggle the most, coming from an isolated and backdated world to a new modern world. People we call "criminals", have a biased stigma attached to them even when they have changed for good. This is not much different from gender inequality or racial inequality. We as a world need to give them a second chance in life.

What it does

Our team has worked on a platform for ex-convicts, ex-felons, people with minor misdemeanors on their record to get a psych evaluation online on a web app based platform so that they could get integrity and credibility applying for a job. Where there will be questions based on their prior misdemeanor. We will offer the user multiple choice and subjective questions which will be then submitted to psych doctors (working on pro-bono) and practicing students. The doctors have a separate app-based platform which is straightforward and efficient for them to evaluate a user's profile. The report from the doctor will directly be submitted to recruiters the user will give information for. There is also a chance that the user won't clear the psych eval.

What's next for 2ndChance/ Screentegrity

Our team plans to work with local doctors and practicing students to work on the profiles of screentegrity's/2ndChance's users to get them the right psych eval needed to get a job. Our main goal is to work with county jail systems and state employment department to implement our platform more effectively.

Impact on society

We think if our program is implemented correctly we could eliminate the stigma recruiters have of ex-convicts people. We need to give equal opportunity to all when it comes to employment.

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