Oftentimes, purchases at large corporations provide you with the opportunity to round up and donate the money to a charity that the organization has chosen. We liked this idea and wanted to create an app centered around rounding up all of your purchases for the sake of charity. Acorns is a successful application that rounds up each of your transactions and invests the money on your behalf. We wanted to make this but instead donate the money.

What it does

The app will view your bank account transactions and round up each to the nearest dollar, then donate the money to charities of your choice.

How we built it

We used a MERN stack (Mongo, Express, React, Node) and Plaid's sandbox api.

Challenges we ran into

Acquiring a developer account for Plaid would have taken a week. Therefore, we were forced to mock up bank account information manually using Plaid's sandbox api.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Beautiful UI and responsive application components. Connections to Plaid worked perfectly.

What we learned

Implementing Plaid's api was a challenge, as well as getting team members up to speed on MERN and implementing security through jwt and password encryption.

What's next for 2cents

Get a developer license and have it work for real.

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