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27% of California's children are living in poverty. We believe that if given an easy and effective way, many Californians would act to alleviate the daily stresses of these children.

How it works

If a guardian is committed to raising a child out of poverty, wouldn't you help with a few dollars for a specific need? We think you would. That's why we're building this app.

This is a direct-donation app. Folks who know of a California child's need can request a small donation. Californians can use the mobile app to fulfill requests and make the day less stressful.

Challenges we ran into

  • The big challenge for the weekend was to move the prototype to another framework -- and we did it!!

  • Finding an online emulator at the last minute.

  • Controllers were challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a viable workflow in the Ionic | Angular | Firebase stack and pushing it to

What we learned

Everyone's awesome. Most of us didn't know the stack but learned on the fly!!

What's next for 27%ers @ NDoCH #hackforchangesf

Lean-based interviews with:

  • Guardians of children
  • Non-profits
  • NGOs
  • Donor target audience (silicon workers)

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