Inspiration: When we study in college, sometimes it is necessary for students to record lectures for reviewing. Since it is hard to record a video for hours, sound record become a good option. However, listening the sound record back and forward is really wasting time and low-efficient. It is also hard to take notes when we listen to the sound record. So, we want to make a website that can solve these problems, presenting the information in the sound record directly to the users. We also want to add some other feathers to make it more useful. What it does This website allows its users to upload sound record with a large capacity and share it to other users. The website will translate the sound record into characters, and present them with the sound record like subtitle. Users can freely make comments on any sentence in the translated passage and see other users’ post. Through this feather, students can communicate with each other based on the professors’ lecture, helping them study with more efficiency. How we build it First, we write codes to cooperate with a google API to translate the sound record into words, sending all the information into the data base. Then we use the information to display the sound and the sentences at the same time with great effect. We record the users’ comment into the data base also so that others all can see it. Challenges we ran into This is our first time to use an API. We got confused about the data structure of the SQLite data base. We also met a shortage in time so we need to cut some features of our original plan. Accomplishments that we’re proud of We successfully let the sentences correctly follow the sound with high accuracy and good effect. We are proud because we work from the beginning to the end for 12 hours, and may expect some more time. Mostly, we are proud of the idea that we let the users to communicate each other through making comments on the record. What we learn We become familiar with API and SQLite data base. We learned some tricks in Python. We learned how to make a web application looks better. Teamwork and the experience to finish a big project.

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