Closer and more meaningful {engagement + feedback} with Citizens on matters of Climate Change through Immersive environments (Virtual Reality - VR)

What it does

This is a sample which takes the SMC resident through a VR experience of risks posed by rise in Sea levels to the most at-risk counties in San Mateo, and ends with a survey inside the VR asking support for mitigating sea rise through Dikes

How I built it

Virtual Reality, WebGL (three.js), D3.js Javascript, Google Cardboard

Challenges I ran into

Fetching meaningful open data and rendering data-visualization inside a Virtual Reality Experince.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing the immersive experience which is more meaningful than existing paper/mobile questionnaires and surveys regarding Government policies.

What I learned

Immersive citizen-engagement through VR can be used at-scale through public libraries and once people cross the initial barrier to using it, they embrace it as a technology.

What's next for #25 Seachange

  1. No API available for our specific open data. We need to have it exposed as an API on the web.
  2. Creating a more meaningful Immersive environment to give a better frame of reference to the viewer.
  3. Trying it out at public libraries in SMC
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