“24-hour care” platform focus on solving the concerns for these elderly live far away from their children.

Children can order “24H CARE” service for their parents, no limitation of geographic and time.“24-hour care” APP will be founded upon a platform with a calendar layout, basing on the elderly’s daily activities. The children can order plenty of services, schedule the activities, and logically obtain a calendar generated by the APP.

The APP will remind the elderly what to do later and what kind of service is coming for them. Children always have an overview of parents’ daily arrangements, which can minimum avoid from the negligence of home care.

The integrated mini-eye sensors observe the surrounding environment from the perspective of the elderly, judging whether the elderly is living in well-condition, instead of using camera to supervise the elderly.

This mini eye support many functions First of all, the elderly can simply trigger the emergency function to record the surroundings. On the other side, these emergency contacts will be requested to establish the connection with the elderly in danger. Furthermore, Subscriber can turn on the function of 24-hour record; Ali-cloud will provide reliable and fast services. Of course the GPS positioning unit can first time get the location of elderly. And also, Many elderlies suffer from sorts of amnesia; the alarm function was scheduled to remind them take medicine or join the medical treatment on time. Finally, This APP will switch to night mode when the subscribers get to sleep automatically. It is a mod with easier and faster contact with emergency center.

24H Care need use JavaScript and HTML5 for programming.

Programing whole platform for 24H Care APP.

I'm proud of I design a complete project for taking care elderly and this APP with great business model. I believe 24H care will help many people in the future.

When user place first order, 24H CARE will active fund account and save $0.15 into this fund account. And later on, each time user order service, one thousandth of total amount will save into 24H CARE fund account. When user really need help for serious disease. You can get certain amount 24H care fund.

24H care fund want to use this way to collect money to help the person get serious disease. And we use this as promotion manner, that can attach people pay more attention on our app and that also can increase user viscosity.

How to gradually implement a design from solving a problem.

24H CARE need to build hardware and software for 24H CARE platform and APP design for IOS/Android

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