The global and geometrical nature of black holes also raises interesting questions about the sense in which one may or should think of them as physical objects or systems, And both the blackhole and and the AI has the singularity.

We tried to make an 3D artwork imagining an blackhole effect Simulation inspirited by the natural phenomenon is (the point of no return) in blackholes using deep learning model (style transfer) and CycleGAN were gravity and density become infinitely large, and physics start acting in a unexpected way and we can just call it “singularity”.

The artworks try to reach the meaning of the low of acceleration returns, to show that the growth of computing power is exponential not linear, and it become almost impossible to predict the future of humanity, it’s a point of no return in technological event horizon. and now AI can make models has become a new form of psychedelic and abstract art, it’s almost becoming a unique event with profound consequences.

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