the artificial look of Fractals outputs is the motive of the proposed project. Detecting and learning the common fractal features and regularities found in both natural scenes while algorithmic fractals provide a good venue for creating more naturalized fractals.

What it does

The conversion of the artificial look-like Fractal output to the look-like humanized image

How we built it

it would be implemented using Python on COLAB, GANs, Fractals

Challenges we ran into

implementing Fractals on Python coding GANs try to use a different variant of GANs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The novelty of Idea, Implementing Fractals, Using a different Variant of GANs

What we learned

Plausible shapes of fractals fed the generator instead of random vector accelerate the learning algorithm landing AI concepts and tools to the image processing and pattern recognition, working on a multidisciplinary approach to support industry, the coding tricks that faced the coding process while implementing GANs, Fractals

What's next for 21_Fractals_Art

≡ Using GANs in Statistical inferenceInteractive Image generation

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