I am a big fan of 2048 game board, im playing that game all the free time. So that is the reason why i choose it is my topic to create in this contest.

What it does

It's a game, board game. You need to merge the same number to make a bigger number. The bigger number, the higher score you will get.

How I built it

I've used Reactjs to create the game, Blockstack for authentication and Gaia storage to store best score for each user.

Challenges I ran into

Create game in reactjs is so painful if comparison with other famous game engine like Unity or Cocos Creator. Furthermore, I've never used blockstack and gaia before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I've solved all above problems. My game works, and fun.

What I learned

Blockstack is a convenience way to authentication integration. Making game with reactjs is also good experience.

What's next for 2048

Im going to build and publish it on more decentralize platform.

Built With

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