I had several game ideas, such as coding a simulation, 2048 game, and a platformer game. I decided on a text based adventure game, where the character would face many challenges as seen in DOOM, but in text.

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What it does

My project, Dungeon Run, is supposed to simulate an adventure through an unknown underground, where the character depends on fate to survive. I completed the first level, where the character meets some enemies and based on their random fate, remains victorious or dies.

How I built it

I used Python to code the game, and looked at different IDE's to run my code, such as, vscode, and some other smaller runners. I also looked at some resources on Geeks for geeks to solve errors, as well as look at examples for inspiration. I learned more about through this, and decided to publish my code there.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into many challenges, including looking for IDE's from above and a lot of software issues. It was only my second time creating a game in the area, and had some trouble getting the code to work. One example is actually after writing a large amount of code, where I had written the print statements incorrectly, and was forced to manually alter the software. After the errors, I believe that I gained a lot more experience coding text-based Python, which can be used in the future.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am very proud that my game works smoothly, and that all of the functions and objects implemented are fully functional. Though I haven't added many features to my game, I believe that the game content quality is high, and will be enjoyed by peers.

What I learned

I learned massive amounts of Python, including using booleans for more advanced formulas, as well as using random for an unstable fate.

What's next for Dungeon Run

In the future, I hope to improve the game by adding more content(levels), and also adding checkpoints for a better save. I also hope to convert the game into a more graphic UI, keeping the text, but adding an interactive map that players can use to guide themselves(which I hope to create with tkinter or turtle).

Overall, I feel that this project has been a massive success, though having many parts to improve, I hope you will select me as a victor!

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