As a group of college freshmen who've never been to their school, we were inspired to create a game that summed up just some of our experiences with 2020: playing online games for hours on end, scrolling through Instagram to see our friends leaving their houses during quarantine, and watching people periodically panic-buy toilet paper.

What it does

The 2020 Experience is a hectic 1v1 local multiplayer game helping make your 2021 better by reliving 2020's toilet paper madness. Move the yellow player using WASD and the orange player using the arrow keys and try to grab the toilet paper back to your house. But be careful: practice social distancing and avoid the very sick blue CPUs and your grimy opponent, lest you succumb to COVID-19! And if your opponent or a CPU steals the toilet paper, you're going to have to take your chances and knock the toilet paper out of their hands so you can return home victorious!

How we built it

We used Phaser 3 for the framework of our game, with Javascript and React components incorporated into it.

Challenges we ran into

This was the first game we ever coded as well as our first hackathon ever, so first and foremost, finding a good framework that we could learn about within the time frame of the hackathon was a challenge in itself. From there, figuring out how to incorporate different interactions between sprites and also transitioning between scenes of the game were our biggest challenges, but we were able to figure it out in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're incredibly proud of the fact that we were able to create an entire game using a popular framework. This was the first time that any of us have ever coded a game before, and it was extremely rewarding to be able to play our final product (and have a little fun!) despite the steep learning curve we faced.

What we learned

We learned how to use an HTML5 game engine, Phaser 3, to make a web-based game. We were also able to explore what goes into making a game and setting it up on a functional web app. Furthermore, we got to learn more about the process of creating an engaging plot and interesting storyline for our users.

What's next for The 2020 Experience

In terms of The 2020 Experience's future, we're hoping to continue delving into the world of game design and development. We want to create a full-fledged online multiplayer experience for the greatest, most fun online party chaos possible, along with profiles/stats so you can flex your toilet paper buying finesse with your friends. We also want to continue creating new game levels with different storylines and objectives to keep 2021 fresher than 2020.

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