In it to win it. Not just the 2017 HITLAB World Cup, but the transformation of Diabetes care. Fighting diabetes is a formidable health care challenge that requires creative thinking and innovative approaches. Project DOC" (Diabetes and Obesity Control) was just the beginning. This is the next step.

What it does

@Point of Care With Watson is an interactive decision-making mobile platform, providing a streamlined clinical decision support tool and care management application for clinicians and patients to obtain vital content when it is needed—at the point of care.

Voice-enabled. Curated and current content. Evidence-based best practices. Tracking and monitoring. Engagement. Transformation.

Enable better decisions, better outcomes, and better care.

How I built it

secret-sauce (in due time, to be shared!)

Challenges I ran into

trials-&-tribz (again, in due time to be shared!)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Adoption, usability, interoperability... =)

What I learned

Listen AND learn from your audience.

What's next for 2017 HITLAB WORLD CUP: DIABETES


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