• App allows a user to select one or more questions from Core 1 or Core 2, but never both at the same time.
  • App allows a user to also select one or more questions from at most 2 Modules, and optionally questions from only one of the Core modules.
  • App allows a user to select between self, spouse and self_and_spouse questions. Comparisons are also restricted to that selection.
  • Filter field allows particular questions/keywords to be located easily.
  • Shopping cart-style indicators tell the user how many questions in each section have been selected.
  • Analysis can be done comparing activities in isolation or by combining activities with demographics via the sub-menu attached to the Analyze button.
  • Questions that have different response domains are graphed separately.
  • Legend in the bar charts are three-way toggles. Click once will filter the bar graph to display only that color/response. Clicking on additional colors will add that color/response. Clicking on a color that is already displayed will hide all others. Clicking a color that is the only color shown will show all other colors.
  • Hovering over a bar chart will display tooltips, indicating the value, rounded to 1 decimal place.
  • Below each graph, a table of values are displayed for more accuracy.
  • Results currently do not exclude missing data

Built With

  • national-endowment-for-arts-data
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