We initially wanted to get 6 degrees of freedom in zero-g space, although once we started we realized that would be far too complicated for 36 hours for relatively inexperienced developers. But we were still able to get an interesting space experience put together in 36 hours.

What it does:

You go in, and you repair what's left of a spaceship to find the missing diamonds and uncover the secrets of the star-ship Eigenspace...

How we built it:

We used the Unity game engine, SteamVR, and some asset-store items to put together the experience. However, the space station was 3D modeled by Myles, and the planet and particle effects were put together by Kaiwen.


We spent over 12 hours trying to implement a gun functionality, first starting with projectile-collision then changing to ray-casting, and another 12 hours trying to make buttons that work. And our welding-gun isn't aligned to our raycast either. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


We were able to create a ray-tracing laser, got some button-things to work, and made the environment kinda pretty. We also made a dope sun.

What we learned

Kaiwen learned a lot about particle effects and simulations, Christian learned how to implement ray-casting, Christie was able to read through the unity documentation and understand it to where we could apply it, and we all overall learned a lot about the ins-and-outs of SteamVR and developing with the HTC vive.

What's next for 2002: A Space Jog?

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