Hi.light was created due to the social distress this pandemic has created. With everybody being confined to their homes, being social and going out has been put on a pause, for the safety of the world. Headlines on the pandemic destroying our social skills have been circling the news for months, and we certainly feel it as well. With that being said, we wanted to create a platform that allows us to be able to interact with people - just virtually. Hi.light hosts thousands of at-home activities that can be done in sync with friends, family, or anyone looking to engage with someone. Feel like you're in the mood to make some donuts? Hop onto Hi.Light and find a recipe to get started. Why do it alone? The best part of Hi.Light is to be able to hop onto a video call, engage in activities, and learn - all in one setting. Think of it as Discord, Youtube, and Omegle on steroids. Make the most of your virtual experience and continue to make highlights in your life.

How did we decide to build this? One day our team member Tanjinul decided to enroll in this Hackathon and decided to recruit Vincent and Tasfia because he had no other friends. Given the time restraint, Tanji really wanted to learn how to use Figma, where we can design and prototype an app.

I think the biggest challenge we ran into was actually figuring out Figma and how to fluently use it without having to look up stuff on Youtube every minute. We also did not have things aligned and spent a lot of time doing that and messing around with Figma so that we can learn it better

As for accomplishments, we gained patients, bouncing and building off of each others ideas, have a prototype that we could actually demo and finally, now the whole team can work on Figma with ease.

The group has already started coding this app and is going to continue during the running semester while studying.

Built With

  • figma
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