We are on a mission to make our world a more fun place. You may remember playing 20 Questions in the car on family road trips. Now, 20 Questions has gone social and you can play it anywhere, anytime!

Games have a powerful way of bringing family and friends together. Forty years ago this meant families joining together at game night to play Risk or Monopoly. In recent years, Words with Friends, Draw Something, Trivia Crack and others have created opportunities for bonding with friends and family. That is our vision for 20 Questions — to bring friends and loved ones together to share a fun and memorable experience.

With 20 Questions, we have taken the world’s most widely recognized guessing game, and adapted it for play on mobile and desktop platforms. There have been play-against-the-computer versions of this game, but we are the first to bring this classic guessing game to the social network.

20 Questions is a turn-based game where a player thinks of someone or something and challenges their friends to guess what they are thinking, after giving them a hint. Guessers can ask up to 20 yes/no questions to try and guess what the thinker is thinking. Guesses can be made by guessers in real time, or at their own time. A rapid-game mode (that we will be releasing in the next version) will add more thrill by limiting the time that players will have on their turn.

20 Questions is intellectually simulating, highly addictive and engaging, and is a great workout for the growing youngster's brain.

So now, it's your turn. We challenge you to guess what we’re thinking…play with us at 20questions.com. It's the world's favorite guessing game!

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