One of our team-mates received a large sum of money due to a medical incident. Lost as a University student he teamed up with us in order to help spread financial literacy to other universities such as himself who struggle with understanding the investment market.

What it does

A mobile & web platform that displays articles and news of financial trends using the Xignite GlobalNews, and GlobalQuotes APIs. It also allows users to keep track of their spending/savings along with calendar reminders for things like bill payments.

How I built it

Using Android Studio and the Java Language we built the mobile app. (We used Xignite Global News API in CSV format to gather our data) Using CSS, HTML, Javasript and Ajax to create the Web platform. (We used Global Quotes Xignite API in JSON format to gather our data)

Challenges I ran into

Getting the extension features of the app took a long time to create. Charts and Visual Data was very difficult to implement.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We completed two platforms individually within 36 hours :D. Recieved the Xignite Sponsor Prize for this hack! :D

What I learned

Android Notification Features Android Widget Features

What's next for 2%

IOS Platform (Native) Wearable Integration

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