Normal locks are easy to pick and common electronic locks rely on simple number combinations that can easily be seen by someone nearby.

What it does

Uses an RFID reader and an encoder connected to a wifi enable microcontroller to create a two factor authenticator for security.

How we built it

We connected an RFID reader and an encoder to an ESP8266 which communicates with a firebase database that a python script checks constantly to authenticate user input.

Challenges we ran into

Majority of the challenge was to properly have the various libraries for different sensors, to communicate well with each other and firebase and the ESP8266 especially since some were outdated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the devices to work together and getting firebase to pass data between the hardware and the python script.

What we learned

We learned to send data from a microcontroller to an online database and then pull that data from the database using a python script.

What's next for 2 Factor Door Security

Fine tuning authentication and improved usability.

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