This article says that procrastination prevents us from succeeding in our projects, and that one way to beat to procrastination is to write lists of simple tasks, and commit to it. So we are building an app that helps you do that.

What it does

Every morning, it sends a notification to your mobile phone, with a reminder of all the tasks you want to do today, and a motivational image to give you the energy to do it.

How we built it

We made it using Meteor and Polymer. And mocked an iphone display using an skinned iframe.

Challenges we ran into

Events are not intercepted by Meteor when using the Polymer UI on a real iPhone's Safari browser.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We met on twitter, we have worked as a remote team, without ever having seen each other!

What we learned

Meteor basics, how to make a Polymer UI, and how to scrape pinterest from a Meteor Server.

What's next for 1st Thing In The Morning

Hopefully make it work on mobile, add real push notifications, and use it everyday :-)

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