With DeFi infrastructure rapidly growing, aggregators in high demand, cross-chain transactions being the future, 1Sol is born to bring together liquidity from both DeFi and CeFi (swaps, orderbook dexes, OTC, etc.) for multichains.

What it does

1Sol is a cross-chain DEX aggregator for decentralized protocols on Solana, enbling the most seamless, efficient and protected operations in DeFi.

How we built it

Leveraging 1Sol Smart Calculator based on enhanced Dijkstra algorithm, the best swapping path is mapped out among multiple swaps, DeFi/CeFi and OTC markets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Reached 280K followers on Twitter+Telegram as for 4 Sep. Lasted updates: GitHub:

What's next for 1sol — A Cross-chain DEX Aggregator on solana

2021 Q2: Launch DEX aggregator MVP on test net and official website; 2021 Q3: Launch main net, Integrate with 3 top swaps, deploy cross-chain aggregators on ETH, Polkadot, etc.; 2021 Q4: Extend to multi-swaps, upgrade to v2 algorithm, cross-chain liquidity & bridge.

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