Ridiculously easy private photo sharing between friends


Have you ever been designated photographer at your friends birthday? Where somehow you're the one in charge of taking the same photo on 10 different phones? Just so everyone can have a picture..

Have you ever wanted to collect ALL of the photos on your friends phones following that group holiday last summer?

OneShot makes it easy create group photo streams between you and your friends. Private sharing, joint access, no duplication and everything is synced instantly.

How it works

  1. Take a photo from within the app or select 1 or more photos from your phones gallery.
  2. Select the friends that you'd like to share the photo(s) with. Either from your addressbook, facebook or by their phone number.
  3. Your friends will now have access to the photos you've posted. And they can add their own photos too!
  4. Your private photo wall is live! New photos from you and your friends are synced to everyones device instantaneously.
  5. Did your friends post a photo you like? OneShot can export to your phones photo gallery or cloud storage service.

Challenges we ran into

  • We were new to Android development.

What's next for OneShot

  • Sharing of short video
  • Image and video captions (but the goal is to keep this centered around multimedia content, not chat)
  • Integration with facebook and/or any other social networks.
  • Viral sign ups
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