The reason for every meeting or call with another person is to connect with them, build a good relationship, though the motive in many cases will be to sell an idea or product to them eventually. The mission and purpose of 1Page is to enable every individual with enough knowledge and insights in a distraction-free one-page summary about the other person to help them connect better.

Today as a person selling an idea or a product to another person, we are at our disposal, various apps like Email, CRM, File Storage, Support, LinkedIn, News, Google, and more. We will have many tabs open with much information to search for even during the meeting, making us feel underprepared and less confident.

1Page offers users, a better meeting experience that not only saves time but boosts productivity in every meeting. Our privacy and data security first approach make 1Page deployment and usage effortless, organized, easy to manage, and governed. All our solutions, including mobile, web, and in-app experiences, are built on Microsoft 365 technologies, ensuring security and protection while providing the most up-to-date features.

1Page is trusted by over 100+ companies and five company data partners to help you have a fruitful meeting experience every time. In addition, 1Page has more than 35 ready-to-use integrations to help you see relevant details from each of those sources to enhance your meeting.

What it does

Minutes before every meeting, 1Page provides insights about every person you are meeting, so that you enter meeting knowing all there is to know confidently! 1Page, extracts relevant information and social and company insights and relevant data from apps you use or search in, and present in easily readable cards to help you be ready for any meeting in few minutes before the meeting to be prepared to connect with the other person confidently

For Professional

Be it colleague, prospect, customer, business partner, job candidate, knowing the person before the meeting is half the battle. Being prepared to cover awkward pauses during conversations with insights from 1Page will show how well one knows them and builds trust. Small talk always helps build rapport. Getting 1Page insights about the person, their social profiles, their company will give enough conversation starters.

For Salesperson

According to Forbes, salespeople spend only 36% of the time selling, the rest of the time preparing, following up, updating CRMs, etc. Salespeople meet new people almost every hour nowadays virtually and need at least 20-30 mins to prepare for a good meeting. 1Page reduces search overload, reduces open tabs, provides conversation starters and relevant data to impress the customer towards a deal. 80% of the 1Page customers experienced 30% more deal conversions and achieved 20% more quota than the previous quarter.

How we built it

Web and Teams app are built using Angular. Backend is on Microsoft Azure PaaS, SQL Azure and CosmosDB. Mobile apps and Desktop apps are built using Xamarin.Forms.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1 Granted patent, 2 patents pending, 100+ companies with paid users, 5000+ freemium users since launch

Challenges we ran into

Teams APIs

What we learned

Engaging Microsoft Teams Support team helps a lot

What's next for 1Page for Microsoft Teams

Subscriptions that we have for SaaS offerings applies to Teams App also

More tighter integrations with Teams APIs and Enhanced Teams Bot

Built With

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