Running your own ICON node can be challenging, especially when getting started or scaling fast. 1ClickNode provides services that run optimized node infrastructures for you at a fair cost, so you can focus on developing your application or product instead. The goal of our platform is not only to provide a seamless UI/UX experience for non-technical users, but also to provide highly advanced features on top of a node infrastructure for more advanced users.

What it does

With 1 click, users are instantaneously capable of setting up a node as either an API Node or a Validator (P-Rep). The following is a list of the features that 1ClickNode made available in this MVP version:

No Module Feature Description
1.1. Node Management Create a Node API Node or P-Rep
1.2. Node Management Edit a Node Edit public details of the created node
1.3. Node Management Promote a node to a P-Rep and start ICX mining Deposit 2000 ICX to nominate as a P-Rep
2.1. Bond Management View Bonders View a list of addresses that qualify as bonders
2.2. Bond Management Whitelist Bonders Add a list of addresses that qualify as bonders
3.1. Wallet Management Authenticate an ICON wallet Supporting Hana / ICONex
3.2. Wallet Management Deposit ICX to the P-Rep To promote an API Node to a P-Rep
3.3. Wallet Management Stake ICX From a whitelisted bonder wallet
3.4. Wallet Management Bond ICX to the P-Rep Bond ICX to the created P-Rep
4.1. Reward Management Send ICX reward to your own private wallet To a designated wallet address on a daily basis

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A ready MVP version at
  • A project that provides the ICON community with genuine value. We want to deploy this product live and benefit ICON as a whole, not simply win the prize.

What's next for 1ClickNode

The winning prize will be utilised to speed up our progress towards security compliance:

  • Implement a trusted execution environment (TEE) for the management and execution of node wallets, ensuring that all code and data loaded within it is secure in terms of confidentiality and integrity.
  • Work along with ICON's core developers to create failover solutions and new docker releases to streamline the process of updating nodes.
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