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We solve the unbalanced labor market situation in the world.


TalentMonkey matches digital talents with German companies, to work remotely together in permanent employment. The matchmaking is based on a skill-questionnaire and a psychological remote work test.

What it does

During the Hackathon, the existing project team at TalentMonkey build the registration skill-questionnaire, which talents have to fill out during the registration process for Additional team members developed an open-source test for talents. This test checks if the personality of a talent is fitting for the conditions of remote work. The talent registration process collects all data needed for good matchmaking between talents and companies based on talent wishes, skills, and experiences. The "Am I a remote worker”-Test shows talents if they should go on with their search for remote jobs. Also, leaders of teams that are suddenly working remotely due to COVID-19 can test their employees. With the result, they can prepare their decision if they should after COVID-19 go on with the remote offer.

How we built it

Talent Registration:

  1. Wireframes for the talent registration in Adobe XD
  2. Development of the registration process in React.js
  3. Creation of tables in the Database and Endpoints

"Am I a remote worker”-Test:

  1. Research and development of well-founded questions
  2. Comparison with existing neuro-psychological models
  3. Development of a query logic
  4. Use of an existing react.js open-source questionnaire from Github
  5. Customization of this existing questionnaire and addition of features of the result page

Challenges we ran into

  • A lot of researching
  • No developer available for programming the test

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the teamwork and to present the MVP of an open-source test usable for everybody. Especially for team leaders who are suddenly working remotely due to COVID-19 and recruiting platforms that may integrate it into their processes, as TalentMonkey will do to help talents to achieve their job goals.

What we learned

  • Nobody does anything alone - it’s always a team achievement.
  • How to code a usable test with no development skills from scratch.

What's next for #1_22 - TalentMonkey

In our next steps, we will do a scientific evaluation of the questionnaire once again. We will go on with the company profile registrations, which have to fit the talent side.

  • Again wireframes, coding, testing.
  • The release of the MVP is planned for the end of June
  • We will implement the test to this platform
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