banhopper is a web app allowing people to support their favorite bars, restaurants and eateries during lockdown. Many small venues are in lockdown, and no one knows how long this is going to last. They're already losing a lot, and there's currently no guarantee that the state will back them up. This is an attempt to think about alternative forms of solidarity to preserve the places we love.

What it does

By virtually checking in, ordering and paying for a drink, banhoppers receive credits to use when things are back to normal, socialize with their friends, listen to music and participate in events. Venues can decide independently and transparently how credits are to be used.

How I built it

React & firebase.

Challenges I ran into

I'm not sure about the best way to setup the payments system.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ehhh, it's 2 days only. I'm proud that it works.

What I learned

Some React quirks!

What's next for 1_048_finanzielleunterstützung_BanHopper

Seeking feedback from venue owners and managers. Researching ways to setup the payments & credits system.

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