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Unser Tool ist ein völlig neuer Kommunikationskanal für die Information einer breiten Öffentlichkeit. Wir bringen verifizierte Informationen zu Covid-19 überall ins Netz, egal auf welche Website. Hinter unserem Informations-Button steht eine Datenbank, die verifizierte Informationen zum Covid-19-Virus automatisiert bündelt und diese als News-Auszüge zur Verfügung stellt. Wir arbeiten damit proaktiv gegen Falschmeldungen im Internet. Durch einen Klick auf eines der News-Snippets in unserem Widget werden die Nutzer*innen direkt zur jeweiligen Quelle weitergeleitet. Unser Widget kann auf Webseiten mit Javascript und in allen gängigen CMS eingebunden werden. Unser sogenanntes "Widget" oder "Tool" erscheint wie ein Button unten rechts auf der aufgerufenen Website. Es ähnelt in seinem Erscheinungsbild einem Chatbot oder Pop-Up, dient allerdings der Überlieferung von Informationen und ist nicht zur Interaktion gedacht.

Unser Ziel

Unser Ziel ist es, proaktiv gegen Falschmeldungen zu arbeiten in dem wir auf (möglichst) vielen Internetangeboten verifizierte Informationen zur Verfügung stellen. Damit schaffen wir eine umfängliche Information der Bevölkerung und damit Vertrauen in politische Entscheidungen. Es geht dabei nicht um die kontinuierliche Information der Bürger*innen über das polit. Zeitgeschehen, sondern ausdrücklich um das Bereitstellen von wissenschaftl. überprüften Fakten in Ausnahmesituationen. Das Widget kann auch zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt auf andere Krisen angepasst werden wie z.B. Naturkatastrophen.

Die Idee

Fake News waren schon immer ein Problem, sind es aber in Krisenzeiten noch viel mehr. Wir möchten proaktiv für eine super informierte Öffentlichkeit arbeiten, die sich so auch weniger von Falschmeldungen beeinflussen lässt. Im Idealfall erreichen wir mit unserem Tool eine sehr breite Streuung in der Gesellschaft und können viele verschiedene Gruppen erreichen. Unser Tool soll einfach für jeden zugänglich sein. Daher achten wir auch start auf Barrierefreiheit, wie die Anpassung des Tools an Screenreader oder entsprechend voreingestellte Browser-Schriftgrößen. Außerdem möchten wir das Tool gerne mehrsprachig anbieten, idealerweise so, dass die voreingestellte Browser-Sprache aufgegriffen wird.



Laut unserer Recherche gibt es keine ähnlichen Lösungen, die plattformübergreifend Informationen bereit stellen. Bei der Ausarbeitung unserer Idee haben wir uns vor allem an Chatbots oder Pop-Ups orientiert. Speziell im Hinblick auf UI und UX. Unsere Hauptziele: optimale Performance & Ladegeschwindigkeit, Accessibility, Privacy (wir sammeln keine Daten) und wir sind eine Non-Profit Lösung.


Mit Hilfe von offiziellen Stellen, wäre das Tool vermutlich sehr schnell skalierbar und könnte auf vielen Websites eingebunden werden. Wir denken, dass ein Start bei offiziellen Websites, wie denen von Institutionen, Städten, Gemeinden usw. ein guter Start sein könnte um das Tool dann auch der freien Wirtschaft anzubieten. Wir sehen einen Imagegewinn für die Unternehmen darin, auch verifizierte Informationen auf ihren Internetseiten verfügbar zu machen.

Unser Konzept in 3Minuten: https://tinyurl.com/CoVerified-Concept-3minRead


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Verified data all over the internet. Any page you open. A public service in times of a crisis. Wouldn’t it be reassuring to be able to receive reliable and verified news on the Covid-19 crisis anytime you want? Proven data, visualised by professionals. CoVerified is going to be embeddable on any online offer you access. Your governmental websites, media offers, entertainment. Anyone is going to be able to implement our code into their website to make sure that there is a constant flow of information from authorities to the public.

The Idea

A hot wire from the government to the public. Information, verified by a public authority, based on proved databases, visualised on our dashboard and shown as short messages in our tool. The tool will be set on your internet service, anywhere you prefer, our default is on the right at the bottom. You simply open it with a click and instantly have access to all available verified data. Our goal is to proactively work against fake news and to ensure communication of confirmed and proven data on the COVID-19 crisis to the public. Fake news have been and are still everywhere, but are even more dangerous in a crisis like this. With a tool providing information all over the internet, across services and systems, we want to ensure validated data finds its way to anyone on the internet. In order to reach everyone online we are developing our service accessible for every group of users. Our effort shows in our adaption to preset browser-languages, preset font sizes, easy translation and accessibility for screen-reading software.


• ensuring authorized data is being communicated to all • creating a brand-new and modern channel for governmental communication • building trust in the government through reliable information all over the internet • fighting Fake News


We are submitting our idea in the category of “Neuentwicklungen” since there is no comparable proposal we could rely on. We conducted research for different kinds of chatbots or pop-up solutions, but our comprehensive service tool still seems to be unique. Due to the success and familiarity of the "Verified Icon" on several Social Media platforms, we have decided to adapt the icon to our Verified Data Service, to make our user experience as effortless as possible. Everyone is affected by this crisis, independent of age, first language or dis-/abilities. As a consequence, we want to make sure our service first and foremost adapts the preset language and font size in our users’ browsers. This is to ensure any screen-reading software can work with our code, using easy words and any language used in Germany. Our goal is to include every person and not leave someone behind, making it possible for everyone to receive verified and secure information.


We are planning on using only governmental verified databases for our service. It is extremely important that our icon stands for trust, reliability and as a public service from the German Government. Several other teams (e.g. in the #WirvsVirusHackathon) are already working on analysing, verifying and visualising scientific data on the COVID-19 outbreak. Our mission is to reach out to these teams who can provide us a verified data source to work with.

We do see three layers in our concept: 1 Verified Databases 2 Visualisation and journalistic approach 3 User Interface with intuitive handling, easy to open, easy to access

User Interface & Code


Our Logo is an icon, inspired by the classic “Verified Icon” in several Social Media channels. We chose to use a simple and easy design to gain trust with a reliable and familiar image. The colour of the CoVerified Icon can be adjusted to your design or be kept in our fresh blue. We decided to use Sketch (Bohemian Coding) to create our user-interface design and a simple prototype. For a fast design asset delivery and the provisioning of our UI design for our developer, we used zeplin.io. As a result, we were able to create our responsive-web design in a very short amount of time and adapted our design to a mobile and a desktop version.

To match the goal of an interactive and easily embeddable and customizable tool, we opted to use native web components. The component itself was implemented using https://svelte.dev/, a JavaScript framework that has only very minimal impact on loading times and speed. Hence, we were able to achieve a perfect Lighthouse test score of 100 in every category. The code is publicly available on GitHub (https://github.com/coverified), from where we’re triggering automatic deploys to Netlify (https://www.netlify.com/), our webhost and CDN of choice. We also provide plugins for commonly used CMS and eCommerce Systems to make embedding our tool as easy as possible. You can find detailed information on how to implement our tool on our website: https://coverified.info/


We are currently getting in touch with several projects which are working on databases and their visualisation. We want to make sure only valid information reaches our channel and our users. We are striving for a cooperation between the German Government and us, to ensure the verification of our sources and the quality of our news. And additionally to spread out the idea and implement our tool on as many websites as soon as possible. Having official websites as our partners will immensely help spreading our widget the same as addressing all websites which were developed in the #WirvsVirusHackathon. We are all in the same boat, developing new solutions to handle the current situation. Ideally, our tool will be seen as an image boost for any internet provider or website using it.

Besides all of this - all of our communication is in English in order for you to easily adapt to our idea or concept. We would love to see our idea used internationally

Up Next

• We will be searching for partners and connect with other teams of the hackathon • #spreadthenews across the #WirvsVirusHack community • We will implement a database which constantly feeds our tool with verified news and numbers • We will adjust our website according to our CI and provide all information and resources as transparent as possible • We will set up a broader User Experience Testing as before, to ensure an easy User Journey and a great experience

If you can help us in any way, feel free to get in touch!

CoVerified Team

Every big internet story starts with three friends, who have known each other from university. Not kidding - same here. Florian Schlittenbauer, Simon Schweikert and Bernd Stenzenberger studied Computer Science & Digital Media and decided to get together to be part of the German Gov Hackathon regarding the Covid-19 Crisis. Driven by the need for new solutions, the passion for Media and Communication and their political engagement they developed the idea of a tool, which would be implementable on any internet service you could imagine. With that idea in mind, Alessa Fetzer found them on the Devpost Website and joined. Together we are highly motivated to create an innovative solution for a new way of governmental communication, supported by our mentors Andrea Nienhaus and Johannes Hiry. (Thank you guys!!)

EDIT: By now (27.03.20) we grew for 3 more people. Paula Weise joined for Design, Janosch Ortmann as a Mentor for Data Science and Steven Kilian as Developer.

Get in touch via LinkedIn or Twitter:

Florian Schlittenbauer, @schliflo

Simon Schweikert, @SimonPhumin

Bernd Stenzenberger, @bergthings

Alessa Fetzer, @alessafetzer

Andrea Nienhaus, @a_nienhaus

Johannes Hiry, @ethereal1ty

Steven Kilian

Paula Weise

Janosch Ortmann, @janosch_ortmann


• Make sure everyone knows priorities • Ask for help if you need it • Think outside the box • Do not get lost in details • We will be searching for partners and connect with other teams of the hackathon • We do love this Hackathon. Thanks everyone in the organisational teams, the german Gov and all of these over 40k people. Great feeling to be part of it! • You can use Twitter to get in touch with the government spokesman but do not be sad if he won’t answer.

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