The best and most suitable solutions towards development challenges are often discovered by individuals and groups who are facing those challenges everyday. Individuals or groups who come up with innovative, successful approaches are called positive deviants. Positive deviants might be farmers who manage to reach higher yields than their peers, hospitals that deliver better health services than others or parents who manage to raise healthy children while other families in their area suffer from malnutrition.

Our goal

For this Hackathon we wanted to inform the public and policymakers and similarly identify opportunities for researchers to come together in identifying positive deviants. We hope that through a large community effort we are able to identify and learn from positive deviants so that it can be translated in scalable solutions. We hope that by identifying these solutions we can fight the coronavirus crisis more effectively.

What we have built

We have aimed to built two things. Firstly, an analysis that makes the concept of positive deviance insightful and delivers the first glimpse into results. Secondly, we have built a platform to bring researchers, policymakers and the public together on one website.

What did we learn from our experience?

The main challenge faced by policymakers and researchers is the lack of data. We hope that more people will come together in identifying positive deviants, so that we can improve the fight against the coronavirus and the accompanying challenges.

Our contribution to the community:

Find all our insights and steps for further research here: Find all our gathered data and our code here:

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