The spark of this project came during quarantines, when people stayed home and started to get creative and having the time and passion to learn something new. Creating skillect is a solution that hits two birds with one stone. it is a platform that does not only help people people swap their skills for free but share good times and positive vibes.

What it does:

  • Skillect is a tandem for all skillsets that does not only help people exchange knowledge and skills, but also help them connect and create a beautiful bond during this crisis.

How we built it:

  • Web Application that help people find each other according to the skills they want to learn and offer. When they find the right person, they can chat, connect and start with the learning process through a video chat.

Challenges we ran into:

  • Finding a copywriter to help us write the content, headlines ect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

  • We started everything from scratch
  • Team spirit and team management
  • The video editing that has been done only in 1 hour and the design in 24 hours.
  • First Prototype ready!
  • Landing Page ready
  • Unique selling Point: It is the first platform that help you learn any skills from home, at anytime and for free.
  • Teamwork and Teamstaffing during the process!
  • Website:
  • Twitter Account: @skillect_de
  • Instagram Account: @skillect_de
  • Youtube Account: link

What we learned:

  • How to manage projects in short time -Crisis management. -How to start a project from scratch and build it in few hours.

What's next for #1_012_d_SocialDistancing_Skillect

-Developing the prototype further.

  • Sharing in the social networks to get participants. -Get more people on board for Design and code.
  • Go Live

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