Due to the increasing talent shortage smart talent networking becomes more and more relevant

Talent or candidate-relation-ship-management ist still far away from the level of professionality compared to client-relationsship-management. Although talents are the ultimate future key-success-factor for sustainable company growth and run more and more short e.g. in the area of cyber security: link. Managers talk about this topic a lot but reality does not show that they have really understood how important it is and what to do. My Vision is to develop candidate relations to the next level. In the future candidates should have at least the same relevance like clients have today. Candidates should be treated on eye-level.

What it does

Talent-Location-Dashboard: When we know where talent is located we can interact with them very precisely. In order to show clients our knowledge about the candidate-market we want to show our market-intelligence through a talent-location-dashboard. This dashboard shows the clients where talent is located and could be the basis for very targeted campaigns in certain locations (avoid spreading losses). The relevant data for the dashboard comes out of 2 sources: A. Data crawling of the www in order to find people with certain skills in certain locations. Display this data on global talent-heat-map B. Talent-Community-Platform (would be the next part to develop after the HRH): Creation of Talent-Community-platform where high-tech-talents meet in order to share their experience about project, companies, company culture, career-development and also find their new challenging projects in their field of expertise. Instead of JD there will be posted only exciting projects which are inviting candidates to participate. Low entry barriers to get in touch with companies on technical level instead of formal and time consuming application procedures. I would like to add also an emotional part in order to develop personality (emotional intelligence) e.g. show that you are the best coder (IQ) with the highest (EQ). Especially for those who want to develop into team responsibility.

How I built it

  • first we start to develop a functionality to fetch and parse the relevant data from the www
  • in parallel developed the frontend dashboard to display the data

Challenges I ran into

  • forming phase of the team - be patient until everybody founds his place and tasks in the team
  • sharpen the concept and find out the bottleneck: how to grap data from the www - different formats and sources
  • develop one complex routine which meets the different formats and requirements to grap data in a high quality from the www

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • great teamwork - especially after a difficult start how to find the right solution
  • everybody was committed and invested a lot of brain-power an personal time
  • pretty much solution oriented instead of talking about what is impossible
  • private development environment and resources provided for free
  • simply great attitude of all: the team, Eva and the whole HRH:-)

What I learned

  • grap personnel data in the right format from the www is very very challenging
  • video chats with the team and ongoing communication via slack about the latest news will bring everybody to the next steps and keeps each other motivated
  • within 48 hours you can come very far even with a team which cames together the first time - common interests and ambitious people unfold great power - people should meet much more like that and find their job this way - through exciting and challenging projects instead of boring JD which tell nothing about working together.

What's next for Digital Talent Agency - SMART TALENT RELATIONS

  • Build a community platform where top talents like to meet, share and develop themselves
  • optimize routines how to crawl first class data form the www in order to receive more an more BI about the talent market
  • Follow the ambition to be recognised as great place for next level talent relations. Have fun with a great team an all the talent out there. Bring real value.
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