A few years back, I joined a group heavy-bag class. I fell in love with it, but struggled to find a practical way to practice on my own away from class. There are several other apps/videos out there, but they lack a sense of fun and playfulness.

What it does

This skill coaches you through intense, 3-minute rounds of the 4 most basic punches.

How I built it

Before I knew about APLA, I actually generated these levels using NodeJS along with the SoxJS library. I contracted a voice actor to take care of the audio to make things a bit more authentic.

Challenges I ran into

Originally, I built this skill using Voiceflow. So, it was a bit difficult to rebuild it using the Alexa developer console.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Writing my own code to randomly generate each level. The inclusion of background music was another thing I'm pretty happy with.

What I learned

Forums and StackOverflow are life savers. Shoutout to them.

What's next for 1940's Boxing Simulator

I want to add a difficulty setting, other punches, feints, and sound effects.

Built With

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