Our Inspiration

Preventing people from losing their housing and becoming homeless by harnessing the resources of both the private and public sector.

What our system does

The MVP version .... Allows providers of services to at risk households - Utilities, Landlords etc - to help their customers find financial assistance in both the public and private sector. Allows individuals in the private sector in a CoC to have visibility to who needs assistance to stay in their homes and a way to provide them financial assistance. Allows Case Workers, Service Providers and the CoC Board to have visibility on a few key metrics essential to understanding if they are providing services in a way that satisfies the clients receiving those services and doing so in a cost efficient manner.

How We built it

We built it using a combination of web development and IOs development tools. See full list of technologies we used below.

Challenges We ran into

Arriving at a meaningful amount of functionality for this MVP that could be designed and developed in the time allotted.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Creating a social site where both public and private resources can come together to provide the assistance to those at risk of losing their housing. Over time this social site can build a community of people that have visibility to and awareness of those in our community who need help. This community of private individuals will augment those in the public sector trying to help the homeless and those at high risk of becoming homeless. We believe this to be a very powerful and long lasting outcome of creating this platform.

What We learned

There is a great need to improve societies collective capability in helping people stay in their housing. When that fails better tools are needed to help them find temporary shelter and progress them back into a permanent housing situation. We also learned that if we can improve the ability of society to keep at risk individuals in their home it can take pressure off the down stream emergency shelter system which is already struggling from too much demand for too few beds.

What's Next

If we are selected as a viable solution our team stands ready to continue build out our vision for this open source solution.

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