Bansal brothers founding flipkart for the Indian market despite the presence of Amazon and actually succeeding to crack it due to their immense knowledge and personal experience of the Indian market, not only gaining personal growth but spread the notion of e-commerce far and wide the nation itself

What it does

It provides super efficient cloud computing and data management facilities to the poor,rural and developing businesses. While providing e-waste management solutions to big data houses and corporations providing perhaps the first ecological, technological and economical blend of these two services

How we built it

Heroku: Heroku is a cloud platform that helps you deploy and host your applications the modern way. We deployed PHP applications to several cloud server platforms and developed our website based on it and UI/UX on html5, java and css3.

Challenges we ran into

Our business idea is actually more comparable to a low cost airline than it is to an IT based company. To keep the running and end product expenses stable and profitable while as well keeping the subscription to a bare minimum price for our target base.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are not at some hypothetical what if situation we have a running website and a compliment of up and smooth applications to compliment it. We are proud of the idea we came up with while the notion of cloud computing isn't new but the fact that we have decided to bring this technology to the people of India in the very root level , the recent boom in number of smartphones makes us believe if they can play games why can't they use the same available technology for their business growth. The final thing we are proud of is the cost of our monthly services being equal to the price of a common paper register our biggest competition in this sector

What we learned

During the past week we learnt so much that I would rather rephrase the question as what we didn't learn. For a moment we were brainstorming this idea so much we felt like we were so top level suit wearing professionals and we are proud of what we came up with. We learnt the inefficiency and underlying problems of cloud computing and how it is still a far flung application for the bigger part of this country that has been newly exposed to the world of computing. But probably the best and most interesting fact to come out of this project was that we learnt that the thing that differentiates a fully established business from a developing business is the data management and how this notion is still in fact a fully untapped market when there are a plethora of computer companies.

What's next for 16_AbhijeetKumar

There is no way that our success at this hackathon would define the end for this idea while it sure was the beginning for it , we already have the software components ready and we will continue to strive to make it a possibility. There is not really much that separates us from a reality and just an idea as I write this paragraph. It will be hard but we will continue to strive for our growth and in way the empowerment of a whole part of this society

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