The curiosity of mankind to learn about foreign worlds is truly incredible. Due renewed interest in exoplanets we decided to create a tool to teach the people about exoplanets.

What it does

The Exogun will tell its user what exoplanet it is pointing to.

How I built it

By using a 9 DoF IMU we were able to find the gun's coordinates. This took lengthy physical calculations to complete with decent accuracy. The gun itself was made of lego.

Challenges I ran into

Communicating with the gun was difficult. The parts obtained were not functional for most of the time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of making such a complex system able to perform such a complex task in a small time.

What I learned

I learned to work in a team and how everyone can contribute equally.

What's next for 16-ExoGun

The Exogun could be developed and modified to be a teaching tool for younger children excited about the galaxy.

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