SIMPLY HAPPY - The Digital Happiness Guide


SIMPLY HAPPY is a web app that will keep you happy and connected: As a digital coach it helps you build your psychological well-being and social connection.

  • You will learn about science-based and simple ways to boost your happiness.
  • It will help you to measure and keep track of your happiness and well-being
  • It will keep you practicing a small, yet powerful set of science-based exercises proven to build happiness and alleviate depressive episodes


The simplicity of the design and the Digital Happiness Guide, Happy, are the unique features of SIMPLY HAPPY. Based on an ongoing personal dialog with the user the tool strives for maximum emotional commitment to keep the user doing the seemingly boring tasks of expressive writing.


The COVID-19 crisis has put the fundamental problem of remote work into sharf relief: solitude and isolation which promote sickness and decrease psychological well-being. The is loss of social connection and closeness is harmful and in some cases detrimental to the psychological well-being of the people working solo. Fortunately, the principle works both ways and even adverse circumstances few and easy to use exercises can ease the negative load and build a positive mind-set. However, consequence, repetition and a positive routine are key to reap these benefits. You have to keep doing them to stay happy.


The solution to this problem is SIMPLY HAPPY. A digital coach that educates you about happiness, tests the level of your over-all happiness and keeps you doing a small and powerful set of exercises to maintain your cool and build your happiness in times of crises and beyond in private life and the work-place. SIMPLY HAPPY is an web app prototype and is supposed to be an SaaS service with app access in the future. To run on Android and iOS, SIMPLY HAPPY will be available in English, first. German and French are to follow. SIMPLY HAPPY provides

  • explanatory texts to learn about happiness and its benefits
  • a test section for each of the different tracks to assess individual happiness and one’s impact as a leader or team member to the happiness of team member or team mates.
  • A training section with three easy exercises
  • to build and maintain happiness,
  • cope with adverse emotions such as sadness, fear, anger or disgust, and
  • to envision a positive future and build hope To be added are
  • three different tracks for individuals, leaders and team members
  • A gamified environment nudging users to do the exercises and tests, recording the happiness level
  • And finally export functions to share positive events with your personal and professional social connections


Based on the work in a previous hackathon Antonio Casino and I created a a functioning prototype of the basic functionality and an adapted update on the pitch video.


Once finished SIMPLY HAPPY can be used by everybody and especially leaders to boost happiness in individual, in teams and organizations. Higher levels of happiness and psychological well-being are proven to boost the immune system as well.


To get SIMPLY HAPPY to the market we require funding to go from the prototype stage to a first working product.

  • The team is to be extended
  • The workflow needs to be completed
  • The explanatory text and test questions need to be updated and completed
  • A design complying with the design standards of both Android and iOS is necessary
  • The database design needs to be completed
  • The marketing efforts need to be designed and rolled out
  • The platform for the SaaS needs to be designed an build
  • A plan to scaling the solution to support a reasonable percentage to the Eu-ropean population


SIMPLY HAPPY will be an easy and powerful solution to boost personal, public and corporate happiness. Raised levels von individual happiness have been proven to raise the level of psychological, physical and social health in individuals and key performance indicators such as productivity, engagement or employer attractively in companies and enterprises. Thus, SIMPLE HAPPY will make a lasting contribution to recovering from the COVID-19 crisis individually and economically and make a lasting contribution to personal life and a people friendly work-place.


SIMPLY HAPPY was kicked off as the brainchild of Michael Stief, founder of POSITIVE HR . MANAGEMENT, casting his expertise as a life and business coach and expert on positive psychology into a piece of software.

During the first HR Hackathon the team consisted of:

  • Martina Pumpat, Tania Ocana and Thomas Steinert who consulted on matters of positive psychology and the impact of COVID-19 on the psychological well-being in quarantine.
  • Marcus Stöckel and Simon Carraro provided insights on programming and took the first steps for Android an iOS. Francesca Sanfilippo gave helpful tips on design.

Currently, Michael is working with Antonio Casino on the project with moral support from Eva Zils.

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