I have decided to pursue blockchain development! I am very excited to learn more about the space and work on some amazing projects that will improve people's lives! More Transparency, Privacy, and Financial Freedom!

What it does

This project is for fun! I used Chainlink VRF with ERC-621 to build a simple smart contract that changes global supply based on VRF randomness at set time intervals.

How we built it

VRF + ERC621, kept it simple. I scrounged up knowledge I could learn in the little time I have had for this plus any past knowledge to produce something.

Challenges we ran into

I had trouble following the hardhat tutorial because there is a high base knowledge assumption and I am coming with little background in development. Had to use the brownie tutorial (he is a much better teacher) to guide my way into continuing the hardhat tutorial which I have not had enough time to finish yet. Been teaching myself from the ground up! Installed Ubunto, visual studios code, npm, tons of softwares. Looked at documentation from Hardhat, Chainlink, and Solidity trying to understand what is going on. I have not gotten the imports to work yet. I do not know how to test if my code can execute on hardhat yet but I want to submit what I have anyway so far!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That I submitted something to the Chainlink hackathon! WOOOOOOO! Good Job Self! WOOOOT WOOOOOT!!!! I remember thinking about committing to this 6months ago but told myself lame excuses. NOT THIS TIME! I DID IT!

What we learned

Chainlink, Blockchain, Sergey's vision on cryptographic vs definitive truth (very inspiring), Oracle networks, DAOs, Hardhat, Truffle, Solidity, Ubunto, NPM, Moralis, Alchemy, Polygon, Harmony, SNZ, web3, Aurora, UFO gaming, Decentralization types, Hashing, Smart Contracts vs Digital Agreements, EVM, Tokens vs Coins, ETH gas, Metamask, API data feeds to blockchain using oracles, Keepers, Nodes, Contract Deployment, Proxy Contracts, Chainlink VRF, ERC types, Development environments. I also learned how much more I have to learn! Its very exciting! I cannot wait!

What's next for 14days, little time, and no knowledge. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

More Learning, More Chaotic Randomness I will make a 5min video explaining the project next time.

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