Being at such a large all-female, femme non-binary hackathon, we felt incredibly empowered to be in an environment with SO many people interested in the same things we are, especially in a field where women are so underrepresented. We really connected with the concept of highlighting and celebrating women in underrepresented fields and thought of our design for 1427 DEGREES, a website that would allow women to explore career fields that may be disproportionate in gender distribution and would create that exposure to the successful women in that certain field. We hope that through our website we are able to inspire women to pursue careers in those fields to close the gender gap.

What it does

Our website pays homage to the women who came before us. These women were not afraid to break the glass ceiling, so we want women everywhere to know about them. Our website is called 1427 DEGREES because that is the temperature, in celcius, that glass melts at. Our phrase, “they broke, we melt” was chosen because we want to ensure that the broken glass never reforms. After all, progress is only as good as progress.

How we built it

We divided tasks by have one person work on the basic layout for each page while the rest researched. Once that was done and the layout was approved, it was much easier for two of the other three to mimic the layout and input information. The last of the three worked on our presentation. We used html and css, which we were able to do both through a little bit of prior experience and a lot of googling.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a problem about how to format our website properly. We found that by using tables and make the table border transparent, we could much better control the spacing and layout of our website. We also did not realize at first that the table’s width was set to 100%, so we were unsure of why the pictures and buttons were so spread out, even when we played around with margins. By going through our code one line at a time, we realized this and were able to fix it. This made making the rest of our project much more simple but definitely cost us some time.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

For our entire team, TechTogether is our first hackathon. We all came in unsure of what to expect, with all of us being beginner high school coders, and unsure of whether we would be able to successfully create a product by the end of this event. With that being said, we are beyond proud of the beauty of our website and how we were able to learn a new language so quickly and execute it all within the span of less than 36 hours.

What we learned

One key lesson we learned that it is incredibly important to differentiate between nice to have and need to have. There are so many features that we would have loved to include in our website, but due to knowledge and time constraints, we were forced to put them under nice to have and postpone those plans until we had the resources necessary. The good thing about a hackathon, is that this is only a start. We will have more time to get all of our nice to haves included in our website, which will be surveys and trivia.

What’s next for 1427 DEGREES?

We want to find a way to expand our impact to more people because our goal is to educate women on the topic of other women. To do this, we need to expand our database of women. We need to get our website up on a domain instead of just a github hosted domain. We need to find a way to make learning about these amazing women interactive so that the user has an enjoyable experience learning. We hope to really build this website up so that we are able to maximize our impact on the community.

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