Challenge No.140

The Coronavirus and COVID-19 is currently challenging our everyday lives and changes our ways of working, socializing and living. Especially going for groceries can pose a risk to people and requires attention in order to reduce and mitigate an overall potential source of infection.

Value to Society

Flattening the curve

Key Features

Mitigate infection risk due to supermarket visits for groceries by:

  • Reducing shopping frequency and duration
  • Smart shopping lists: efficient supermarket walkthroughs

Maintain a food inventory according to governmental recommendations in a crisis:

  • Ensures a food stock for certain days
  • Reminds you on expiry dates
  • Suggests food items for the next shopping

Offers learning opportunities on:

  • Average calories consumption statistically based on gender and age
  • Expiry dates and best before dates
  • Healthy and balanced diet in a crisis and beyond

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