We relied on our imagination as kids to imagine the shapes our hands made on the wall

What it does

Detects shapes done with your hands through an IR & infrared sensor and project a new shape as output

How I built it

Used Runway plugin within Unity3d for AI and Leapmotion software and hardware as Input

Challenges I ran into

-First time trying any of the new AI tools and techs -Short time to have a steep learning curve -New language -Unclear instruction on actual development -Laptop with internet issues, downloading speeds -Premium costs for testing -Picking the right idea

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Sticking and trying to submission. -Hands on experience

What I learned

-Multiple types of generating and mixing -Difference between some of the models -Learned about Gan, biggan, etc -New tools

What's next for Shadowgraphy Intelligence

-Improve detection -Improve input methods -Spending more time testing -Learn and practice some of the requirements -Testing more results and learning -Improve latency issue -Expand and make more dynamic (add more options) -Add more automated features -Beautify and improve interface

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