We were inspired by the hunger in the world. If you've ever tried to plan a party or feed a crowd, you know that it requires a lot of planning and organization. This web app makes your life easier.

What it does

Our web app lets you create food funds as well as contribute to them. One food fund is simply that- you can request for food from a business to be delivered to any location covered by Postmates and people worldwide can contribute to the fund. The web app puts your fund online, and once the goal is reached, it places an order with Postmates and gets your food delivered. We built this website mainly to be used for charitable work, making it easy for anyone to donate to homeless shelters or volunteering events.

How we built it

We built its backend using Tornado in Python, and made use of the Postmates API and materialize.css. We hosted the site on Microsoft Azure using a domain.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a challenge with deploying the web app to Azure because we couldn't figure out how to run Python scripts on Azure. We figured this out after asking Microsoft for help.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

School work never really striked us as "real world" applications of code. We are proud that today, we put what we know into an application that can benefit the world. Not only did we experience a huge amount of technical growth (learning about tornado, azure, etc), but also personal growth (dealing with deadlines, not sleeping, etc).

What we learned

It was a enlightening experience where we learned so much about full stack development. Prior to this, frontend and backend were two separate things to us, but after working on CrowdFoods, we finally understand the importance of fullstack developers.

What's next for 126 CrowdFoods

Polishing, testing, and deploying. After fixing up some bugs and completion of key features, we would like to begin beta testing in the real world (release it at a university). After initial testing and feedback, we will once again polish the app, repeating the process until perfection (or until it's ready to be released to the public).

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