Our work is inspired by the accomplishments of the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on art.


The project is about generating a piece of art using AI tools. We generated an art image by applying several styles on a given image. The generated art work is shown at the top of the page. The generated art has four parts, and each part has a unique style. To generate such an art, an AI based model takes two input images. The first image is an image with some style and pattern (style image), and the second image is an image to apply a style on (content image). The process is repeated several times to generate an art with different styles.

How the Model is Built:

We built the model by utilizing intermediate layers of a pre-trained VGG16 network because these layers capture high level features (e.g., objects). This approach is called Neural Transfer.


  • Dealing with new concepts, techniques, and tools within a relatively limited time.

Accomplishments that we are proud of:

  • The generation of a unique and creative piece of art.

What we learned:

  • Different classes of arts.
  • Different AI approaches and tools.

What's next for 123_G.V:

  • Enhancing the model to produce art works with better quality.
  • Exploring more advanced AI techniques to produce different classes of arts.

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